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Ride Types

Participants must be members of the Silver Spokes Cycling Club to take part in all rides except Try-out Rides.


Suitable for:  New road cyclists or those who haven’t done group riding before.

Speeds: 20 - 25 km/hr.

Distance/Time: 35 - 40 km, 1.5 - 2 hrs.

Other: Everyone rides together, frequent stops, slow speeds up hills. There will be coaching in group riding skills. Speed is strictly controlled to match the capability of participants. It is strongly recommended that participants have a road bike for these rides.


Suitable for:  Advanced beginners, or more experienced cyclists looking for an “easier” ride

Speeds: 24 - 28 km/hr.

Distance/Time: 45 - 55 km, 2 hrs.

Other: Must be comfortable riding in a group. Occasional stops, regroup at top of all hills. Group will stop and help for mechanical problems and flat tires.


Suitable for:  Experienced cyclists who are comfortable at higher speeds in a group

Speeds: 26 - 32 km/hr.

Distance/Time: 50 - 60 km, 2 hrs.

Other: “No drop” rides, but riders are expected to keep up. Occasional stops. Group will stop and help for mechanical problems and flat tires


Suitable for: Very fit and experienced cyclists comfortable riding at high speeds for long distances

Speeds: 32 - 40+ km/hr.

Distance/Time: 60 - 70 km, 2+ hrs.

Other: Everyone is expected to take a turn on the front. If you can’t keep up, you may be dropped!  Must be able to fix your own flats and mechanical problems.

Try-Out Rides

These rides are primarily intended to give beginner road riders an opportunity to try riding in a group. Some basic pre-ride instruction will be given and the ride pace and distance will be matched to the beginners’ capabilities. More experienced riders are also welcome to join these rides to meet Silver Spokes members before deciding whether to join the club.


These rides will be carried out in conjunction with the Recreational Rides. Non-members must register in advance and complete a liability waiver form. Non-members may only participate in two Try-out Rides before joining the club.

To see the complete schedule of Try Out Rides, please visit the Ride Schedule page.  The link to the online waiver can also be found there.

Learn to Group Ride Program

Have you ever considered cycling as a form of exercise or social engagement? Are you hesitating getting involved because you need to learn more about how to ride a bike safely in groups of people, how to fit yourself properly on a bicycle, how to use your gears effectively going up or downhill or on the flats. Speaking of flats, can you change a tire? How about basic bike maintenance? Rules of the road? What you need to be safe?

Join our Learn to Group Ride program sponsored by the Silver Spokes Cycling Club. We are looking for expressions of interest from young adults through to retirees who wish to become involved more seriously in paved road and/or mixed surface cycling.

Our program involves casual group bicycle rides in the Delhi area preceded by information sessions on consecutive Wednesday evenings in May. The five Learn to Group Ride sessions typically begin in May (see Social Media and Upcoming Events each season) in the northeast parking area of the Delhi District German Home and follow on the next four (or more depending on weather) consecutive Wednesdays.  After a twenty minute information session experienced riders would provide on the road coaching as they ride alongside. 

Interested persons would need to be able to ride at a comfortable speed (16-22 kph) for about 20 km (one hour), have a mechanically sound road, cross or hybrid bicycle, a helmet to start and an interest in learning more about cycling safely and efficiently in a group on quiet, safe, paved, country backroads. An Ontario Cycling Association fee of $45 would also be required at sign up for insurance purposes.

If you think you might be interested contact at (an experienced cyclist and executive member of the Silver Spokes Cycling Club) and he will start a mailing list to keep everyone in the loop. Feel free to share this information and to ask for more details.

Our program has had much success in Tillsonburg, Delhi and Simcoe areas in the past several years.

Our goal is to get more people interested in cycling safely in groups on roads and rail trails, whether it’s leisurely rolling at 15 to 20 km/h or touring at a comfortable speed of 20 to 25 km/h or hammering down the road at 30+ km/h. We will cater to all ability and interest levels and some of you may even want to join our club.

Special Event Rides

For Special Rides, such as the Canada Day Ride, ride organizers may set up more than one group to accommodate different levels of riders. Participants will be expected to choose the group which matches their capabilities; however, because of the distances and speeds, these rides would typically not be suitable for beginners.

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