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Try Out Rides

These rides are intended to introduce new riders to the club, without having to purchase a membership right away. Wednesday sessions will include a short instructional talk to discuss safe riding practices. For those totally new to group riding, participation in the Learn to Group Ride program is highly recommended.


Wednesday Try Out Rides are at Recreational pace – Speeds: 20 - 25 km/hr.

Distance/Time: 35 - 40 km, 1.5 - 2 hrs.  Suitable for new riders, or those with minimal group riding experience.

Dates: June 5 and June 19


Monday and Friday Try Out Rides are at Casual pace – Speeds: 24 - 28 km/hr.

Distance/Time: 45 - 55 km, 2 hrs.  Suitable for more experienced riders with prior group riding experience.

Dates: May 6, May 10, June 3, June 7 and June 17

Thursday Try Out Ride is at Touring pace - Speeds: 26 - 32 km/hr.

Distance/Time: 50 - 60 km, 2 hrs. Suitable for experienced riders, comfortable riding in a group at higher speeds.

Dates: May 9, June 6 and June 20


You may register for no more than two Try Out rides per season.

You will be asked to provide basic information and complete the waiver and concussion resource forms during the online process. You must then provide a copy of your confirmation to: John Verbakel at prior to the ride.

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