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Join the Club

More Rides. More Friends. More Fun.

Silver Spokes welcomes new and old members to the riding season.  Membership typically encourages riders to get out more frequently, learn new skills, explore new routes, and meet new friends.

The Silver Spokes Cycling Club is a member of the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA).  To comply with the requirements of our OCA membership policy, you must be fully registered as a club member to participate in club rides. Only sanctioned club rides are covered by membership (i.e., club rides that are registered and approved by the OCA and listed on our Ride Schedule.

Don’t Forget Your Member Card!  Riders will be required to show their card to the ride leader as proof of membership in good standing (especially at the beginning of the season). We recommend snapping a photo of your completed Member Card and keeping it on your phone.


Register and Pay at CCN Bikes an online membership service.

Fee Breakdown:

OCA Membership Cost ($50.09)
Silver Spokes Membership Cost ($38.96)
Total (including taxes and processing fees) = $89.05.


Anyone considering membership in the Silver Spokes is encouraged to join us for one of our scheduled Try Out rides.  Guests are allowed to attend two sessions before making a commitment of membership/ payment.

Try Out Rides will be connected to a recreational or casual ride and are a great chance to learn about cycling safely and efficiently in a group.  Interested persons need a mechanically sound road bicycle, a helmet, be comfortable on a bike for at least two hours.


Individuals will be asked to complete an online waiver as part of the registration process.  This waiver will then be presented to the ride leader upon arrival. Note: You will need to create a CCN account to complete this waiver, but there is no charge for this.  



Please contact John Verbakel at in advance of the ride to let us know that you will be taking part, and, bring a copy of the completed waiver with you.


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