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Ride Guidelines

All rides are typically 2 hours long, although they may increase as the season progresses and light allows.
Distances will vary depending on the level of ride chosen.

Notice to all riders: Be honest with yourself when judging the length, speed and difficulty of the ride you wish
to attend. If in doubt, you are encouraged to contact the ride leader or another rider to ensure the ride is
suitable to your expectations.

In keeping with our mission statement- other than Sportif rides- we do not drop riders without their consent.
We stop for mechanicals and flats. All participants should  with the necessary tools, viable spare
tubes, inflation equipment and have their bicycles in good repair.

Helmets are compulsory.

Always bring enough water and nutrition to last you about 2 hours, or the usual ride duration. Ensure you are
prepared for the weather conditions.

Everyone who rides with us must be a member of the Silver Spokes with proof of OCA Membership. “Try Out”
rides will be offered throughout the summer allowing guests to “test drive” group riding. Guests can do two
Try Out rides before making decisions about membership.

General Group Information

A Ride Leader will be appointed for each Club ride and will identify himself/herself to the group. The Ride
Leader may describe the general ride route, give a few safety tips and describe any ride segments that may
have a higher level of risk, i.e. steep hills or sections of the road requiring single file riding. The Ride Leader has
the final decision on all matters pertaining to the Club ride and his/her decisions must be respected by all

Rides will be conducted only when there is adequate light. Club rides will not run if lightning is present and will
be cancelled or shortened if there is heavy rain, fog or if lightning is sighted.

Groups to be limited to 16 riders to facilitate communication, rotations & passing by motorized vehicles. At
the discretion of the rider leader, larger groups may be split up and keep a reasonable distance from each
other. (minimum of 100 metres)

Club rides on roads will be planned to use lesser-travelled roads where possible and practical. Where practical
groups can ride two aside. (Local bylaws can state such formations are prohibited “except when passing’ –
Norfolk, Oxford and Haldimand have no such bylaw.)

Ride smooth and steady at all times. No sudden abrupt movements or over reactions to potholes, road debris

Never overlap wheels – this is a prime cause of accidents. However, it is good to ride slightly offset, in case of a
sudden stop you don’t immediately run into the wheel ahead. This offset gives you space and time to recover.
Riding offset is not overlapping, you are still behind the wheel in front of you, just off to the side a bit.

Never cross the Centre Yellow Line. On roads without painted lines, stay within the right most lane.

Stay 0.5m to1.0m from the road’s edge or neighbouring cyclists to avoid hazards and allow for maneuvering.
This suggests the outer line of cyclists will roughly be in the middle of right lane of the road.

Keep to the right unless passing on hills or descents. Always pass with caution on the left. Verbally indicate
your presence if blocked to right, hold your place until you are clear to pass.

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